Maple Syrup

The Award Winning Pure Maple Syrup produced at Cook’s Sugar Bush, L.L.C. is harvested from February thru April when we have warm days and freezing nights. This is when the sap in the Sugar Maple Tree flows the best. We tap the maple trees by drilling a small hole into the trunk of the tree and then place a spout in the hole. The Sugar Water is then collected daily and taken to the Sugarhouse where we cook off the excess water in a stainless steel evaporator that is fueled by dry split wood. Nothing is added to the Pure Maple Syrup only water is evaporated from it.

Did you know that it takes 30 to 50 gallons of Maple Sugar Water to produce JUST 1 gallon of Pure Maple Syrup! When the syrup is at just the right density, the syrup is drawn off from the evaporator, filtered and poured into a bottling tank where it is heated to 190°F and put into containers.

Pure Maple Syrup is used as a natural, healthy sweetener in coffee, tea, over ice cream and fresh fruit, and in cooking such as baked beans, barbecuing, squash and carrots. Traditional uses would be on pancakes, waffles, and sausage. Cook’s Sugar Bush, L.L.C. brings the forest to your table.

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