Our Honey Bee Colonies are located in an area where most of their foraging is done on Wild Flowers. This unique mix of Wild Flowers produces a flavorful tasting honey. July thru September we harvest the sweet nectar from the Honey Bees. We begin by gently coaxing the bees from the honeycombs and then take the honeycombs to the honey house. At the honey house a hot knife is used to remove the bees wax cappings from the sealed honeycombs. We then position the combs in a stainless steel honey extractor, which uses centrifugal force to extract the honey from the bees wax cells. After the honey is extracted, we strain the sweet nectar to remove any wax or impurities. Our last step is to put the honey in containers.

Honey is used as a natural, healthy sweetener in coffee, tea, over ice cream and fresh fruit, and in cooking such as ham, baked beans, barbecuing, squash and carrots. Traditional uses would be on biscuits, bread and muffins. When you open a jar of Cook’s Sugar Bush, L.L.C. honey, you might think you are standing in a meadow of sweet scented wild flowers.

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